MARCH 26 – 27, 2023




    Welcome to AIMBE, New Inductees of the College of Fellows!

    Class of 2023

Welcome, Class of 2023!

Welcome to the 2023 Class of the AIMBE College of Fellows! You have been successfully peer-nominated, elected, and are about to be inducted into this prestigious group of outstanding medical and biological engineering leaders. It is a public honor to be recognized in the AIMBE College of Fellows. You have achieved a high-level of success and made significant contributions to the field. Now is the time to not only stand-up and be recognized by your esteemed peers, but also give back to the very field that brought you to this pinnacle of success. Engaging in AIMBE allows you to advocate for public policies that advance medical and biological engineering, educate the public about the field, and inspire the next generation of researchers to stand up for science. I encourage you to get involved early and often. I look forward to welcoming you to the AIMBE College of Fellows during the Induction Ceremony on Monday, March 27 at the Renaissance Hotel Arlington.



Guillermo Ameer, Sc.D.

Chair, AIMBE College of Fellows
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Daniel Hale Williams Professor
Biomedical Engineering and Surgery
Northwestern University

AIMBE Induction Ceremony and Must-Attend Events 

Congratulations on your election into the College of Fellows! Please note that you are not considered a Fellow until you participate, in person, in the induction ceremony. Upon your induction, you will join an elite group of the most accomplished and distinguished scientists, academic researchers, and clinical practitioners in the fields of medical and biological engineering.

AIMBE’s Annual Event is recognized as an acclaimed interdisciplinary scientific symposium and includes the induction of newly elected Fellows, as well as networking and social gatherings for leaders in the field of medical and biological engineering. It is a two-day meeting with scientific lectures on Sunday afternoon and the induction ceremony and policy sessions on Monday. This year all Sunday and Monday events are held at the Renaissance Hotel. A highlight of Sunday’s program is our Awards Banquet and the presentation of AIMBE’s most prestigious award, the Pierre Galletti Award, and Monday’s main event will be your induction ceremony.

Details about AIMBE will be provided at the New Inductee Orientation Session on Sunday morning. During this orientation, information will also be provided about the specific details of the induction ceremony.

New inductees often bring family members to the induction ceremony. We also hope you will join other AIMBE Fellows in using the website to request an appointment with your federal lawmakers while you are in DC. The government affairs portion of our Annual Event website provides information on submitting a request as well as talking points and meeting details.

Dress for the event is business attire. Make the most of meeting new colleagues during the event by attending the Annual Banquet, making introductions at networking breaks, and joining the President’s Circle Saturday night at the hotel bar. Rotate where you sit in the meeting and introduce yourself to others around you. Arrange in advance dinner plans with old friends or new colleagues. Also consider attending one of the committee meetings. All council and committee events are open to all attendees.

AIMBE’s Membership Dues and Annual Event Fees

AIMBE’s mission is to recognize excellence, advance public understanding, and accelerate medical and biological engineering innovation. AIMBE is honored to bring together the most accomplished leaders in the field through the College of Fellows to carry-out this mission. The duty of an AIMBE Fellow, once elected into the College, is to “give back” in order to further advance the field. AIMBE Fellow annual dues support the mission of the organization and allow us to provide a variety of programs that engage scientists, policy makers, and the public. New Fellow inductees are required to make their initiation fees, by Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

We sincerely appreciate your dedication to the fields of MBE and support of AIMBE’s mission.


Inductees are encouraged to participate in the entire Annual Event program, beginning on Sunday at the host hotel and continuing on Monday. Below are special events for inductees.

  • Sunday, March 26 - 10:00 am – 11:30 am New Fellow Orientation

    AIMBE Leadership will provide an orientation to new Fellows about the organization, its programming, services, and mission. Learn about how candidates are nominated, reviewed, and elected to the College of Fellows. Find out how AIMBE is more than just an honorific society but an engaged community impacting public policy on medical innovation and discovery. Meet new colleagues in the Class of 2023 and get insight on the induction ceremony.

  • Monday, March 27 - 11:00 am – 11:50 am Induction Ceremony - Guillermo Ameer and Joyce Wong (Presiding)

    The highlight of each year’s Annual Event is the ceremony inducting the newest members of the College of Fellows. The Class of 2023 were peer-nominated, peer-reviewed, and peer-elected and now join a prestigious group of the most accomplished medical and biological engineers.

About the AIMBE College of Fellows!

Fellows are nominated each year by their peers and represent the top 2% of the medical and biological engineering community. Most Fellows hail from the United States, but there are international Fellows. They are considered the life-blood of AIMBE and work towards realizing AIMBE’s vision to provide medical and biological engineering innovation for the benefit of humanity. The Chair of the College of Fellows leads the committee that plans the overall program at AIMBE’s Annual Event, held each spring in Washington.

Since AIMBE’s inception, almost 3,000 esteemed individuals have been inducted to AIMBE’s College of Fellows. AIMBE’s College consists of clinicians, industry professionals, academics and scientists, who have distinguished themselves through their contributions in research, industrial practice and/or education. Fundamental to their achievements is the common goal of embracing innovation to improve the healthcare and safety of society.

AIMBE Fellows consist of a group of the most distinguished medical and biological engineers

  • 3 AIMBE Fellows have received the Nobel Prize.
  • 11 AIMBE Fellows have received the Presidential Medal of Science.
  • 10 AIMBE Fellows have received the Presidential Medal of Technology and Innovation.
  • 206 AIMBE Fellows are members of the National Academy of Engineering.
  • 109 AIMBE Fellows are members of the National Academy of Medicine.
  • 48 AIMBE Fellows are members of the National Academy of Sciences.
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The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) is the authoritative voice and advocate for the value of medical and biological engineering to society. It is an organization of leaders in medical and biological engineering, consisting of academic, industrial, professional society councils and elected fellows.

AIMBE’s mission includes communicating objectively with and responding to US and state government agencies, as well as lawmakers. We hope to contribute to public policy making that benefit the public.

Working towards greater translational research and innovation, promoting inter-society relationships, as well as inspiring the young future leaders of the MBE community are all part of what we do.

We believe that recognizing and honoring those who have made significant contributions to humanity through MBE can help educate the public on how MBE affects all of us.