AIMBE makes it easy to request a Congressional appointment during the Annual Event. Enter your name, address, email and zip code to access the draft meeting request email. Only you can request an appointment and this app makes it easy. Your Member of Congress and two Senators will be identified. The message requesting the meeting is simple and straightforward. You can edit the draft meeting invitation or simply click the Submit Message button to send your message.

Congressional staff will contact you directly regarding your meeting that may be with the Member of Congress or their staff. Remember, meetings with staff are nearly as valuable as with the elected official so please confirm all appointments that are offered, regardless of time as you can step out of the programming to make a quick trip to Capitol Hill and back. AIMBE will help arrange your transportation and provide you with meeting materials and talking points.

This is your letter to your Members of Congress. You will be able to change the text once you click “Proceed.”

Washington DC Meeting Request

As your constituent, I am writing to request an appointment to visit with you on Monday, April 9th while I am in Washington, D.C. attending the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) Annual Event.

I would like to visit with you regarding federal investments in medical research. I know your schedule is challenging, and I am willing to arrange my schedule to meet with you briefly even if it is in the hall outside a congressional hearing room.

I look forward to your response and the opportunity to briefly visit with you.


What to Expect:

  • Arrive early and expect the meeting to start late
  • Don’t be surprised to meet with staff – they are the eyes and ears of lawmakers
  • Introduce yourself, exchange business cards and get a photo
  • Get directly to your key points and make the ask: Protect NIH medical research funding with a $2 billion increase in FY 18 appropriations bill.
  • Do NOT respond to questions on the Affordable Care Act or other politically hot topics. Keep on message – AIMBE’s only focus is medical and biological research funding.

Who Are We:

  • You are in DC for AIMBE’s Annual Meeting. AIMBE is an honorific society of the most accomplished medical and biological engineers responsible for the innovation and discovery that improves health, lowers costs, and/or expands access.
  • Tell your personal story – a) why basic research is critical to discovery, b) why discovery takes time and federal financial investment, C) relate your research to a discovery/cure.

Why Are We Here:

  • FY18 spending will trigger an across the board sequestration budget cut. Sequestration (budget cuts) is killing America’s leadership in MBE innovation and discovery.
  • Sequestration hurts all discretionary spending programs including NIH, NSF, NIST, DARPA and other critical federal R&D initiatives. Because of past sequestration and budget cuts, funding today to the NIH provides the buying power 22% less than 10 years ago.
  • Sequestration requires equal pain on defense and nondefense to force Congress to fix the budget. President Trump and many House Republicans want to decouple equal pain for defense and non-defense programs. Don’t let defense off while inflicting greater budget cuts on nondefense….
  • Lawmakers are proud of having supported $2 billion increase in NIH spending. Yet, Federal R&D as a percentage of GDP is at the lowest point since 1976. Today we spend $25 federal dollars on health care for every $1 spent on research for a cure.
  • Research needs stable funding – not up and down, on-again, off-again. An uncertainty of funding hurts sustained, level-funding needs for research.

What is our ASK:

  • Raise the Budget Caps. Until the Budget Control Act is amended and the spending caps raised, sequestration will return this year. Budget sacrifice should be equal for defense and nondefense programs. Don’t uncouple equal pain between defense and non-defense programs
  • Return Regular Order and pass all appropriations bills. Congress must make priorities. Spend more on research to find cures to avoid increasing federal costs for medical care.
  • Support NIH with $2 billion increase for FY18.  This is needed to fund research plus new responsibilities of 21st Century Cures Bill passed last year. However, without raising the budget caps a $2 billion increase will still be subject to an across the board sequestration budget cut.

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